TO SELL OR NOT TO SELL: Alternative Options to Selling During the Pandemic

The approach toward Business-to-Business selling in today’s business landscape has been contentious and a difficult one to navigate. For some, the thought of selling during the COVID-19 pandemic teeters on exploitation and desperation. For others, the thought of selling is solutions based and necessary to assist companies with their evolving business needs.

During the pandemic, it is important to understand the products you offer and determine if they truly are a solution for businesses to guide them through their current state-of-affairs. In other words, do they offer value?

There are many business owners in the sales industry who are experiencing a Shakespearean crisis – to sell or not to sell. They are unsure if they should offer their company’s products to customers. But, their routines and metric systems have dictated that their sales representatives continue to make contacts, whether virtually, by phone, e-mail, or in-person (hopefully this is not currently an option.)

This is an area where business owners must demonstrate good judgment and be mindful of not only the financial implications of not being able to sell and the possibility of hurting the business’s brand, but also exposing their sales representative to backlash which may diminish morale and potentially impact their ability to sell in the future. Continue reading “TO SELL OR NOT TO SELL: Alternative Options to Selling During the Pandemic”