K-CORE CONSULTING, LLC offers a unique experience customized to your business needs. We strive to educate you to become more efficient in the management of your daily operations. To accomplish this, we offer services which include (but are not limited to):

  • Generating a Start-Up Checklist
  • A Full-Business Overview & Understanding Which Areas May Need Attention
  • Generating and Implementing a Business Model
  • Developing a Strategic Plan for Short and Long Term Goals
  • Education in Developing Long-Term Customer Relationships & Retention
  • Understanding the Small Business Employee
  • Education in Operations Management
  • How to Implement Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

In addition, we offer other essential services including basic Website Development with accompanied training, Customized SEO & Traditional Marketing including a Public Relations Campaign based on your company’s needs, Human Resources Consultation, CoachingContent Creation (i.e. blog posts, etc.), and Copyediting.


Each Consultation & Service Contract is uniquely devised and specific to your business needs. Therefore, estimates will be provided after the initial consultation. Generally, blocks of time can be purchased at a rate of $50 per hour, with a minimum purchase of 4 hours. Specific projects will be billed on a project by project basis. (*For example, Website Development begins at $50 per section.)

The initial consultation is free, and provides you with an overview of K-CORE CONSULTING, LLC and how our company operates. We will discuss your needs, and whether we are an appropriate fit for your company.

If you choose to retain K-CORE CONSULTING, LLC for your business needs, we will then schedule a Executive Summary Consultation. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes and focuses on the area(s) of your business which may need attention.

If you choose to contract with us, expectations for both K-CORE CONSULTING, LLC and the business owner will be clearly outlined.

Depending on what is contracted, K-CORE CONSULTING, LLC may require access to sensitive materials, and we ask each Business Owner to be as forthcoming as possible to maximize service benefit. All information provided and learned will be held in the strictest confidence.

Thereafter, most consulting services are contracted on a project by project basis, although some business owners choose to retain K-CORE CONSULTING, LLC and their services on a contractual basis, renewable each year.

Consultations are provided via VIRTUAL CONSULTATION, although an in-person consultation can be arranged.